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August 2009

Medical Devices and Quality Improvement

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The Medical Device Industry: "Almost" All Good
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The Medical Device Industry:
"Almost" All Good
     This week's headlines had a decidedly "medical device" orientation. For those of us that derive our livelihood from the healthcare industry, it is good news to learn that medical device manufacturers are a bright spot in an otherwise bleak economic landscape. Innovation, commitment to quality and to patient care are hallmarks of the American Medical Device Industry. Medical device companies, the good ones, work to partner closely with healthcare providers to deliver the best possible solutions to health care challenges. The success of the industry is testament that the vast majority of companies do just that.
      Of course there are always bad apples, or at least the unintended error. Changes at the FDA's CDRH are likely bell weather of increasing Federal oversight of industry practices. Clinicians' should always remember they have an outlet if they are displeased with the performance of their medical device partners - the reporting system of CDRH. This mechanism is there to help all of us deliver better care to patients.

Ralph J. Basile
Vice President of Marketing
Healthmark Industries Company, Inc.
Tip of the Week
     Just like a medical device manufacturer, medical facilities are always striving for "Best Practices". One way to do this is to put in quality improvement programs. Examples are monitoring your sterilization cleaning process or your case cart process, what ever process you put in place keep good records and review them. That data will help you improve your process. See the coupon below to sign up for a free demo of a paperless QA system to monitor your sterilization and cleaning data.

Stephen Kovach
Director of Education
Healthmark Industries Company, Inc.
News Headlines

Lawsuits Expected After Unsterilized Equipment Leads to Cross Contamination...

CDC Using Social Media to Share Information on H1N1 Flu...
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has launched a social media campaign to encourage information sharing about H1N1 flu. The campaign includes social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, mobile information, online videos, e-cards and the like.

Determine the Fair Prices in Your Area for Your Health Care Services...
The Healthcare Blue Book is a free consumer guide to help you determine fair prices in your area for healthcare services.

Machining Challenges in Orthopedics...
Join in a free web cast that hosts a panel of industry experts with experience in designing and manufacturing orthopedic implants...
FDA Evaluating Effectiveness of CDRH Device Notifications...

JCAHO Statement on Error Prevention...

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