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Amanda Dupure 
Healthmark Industries 

Green Means Cool


I think everyone has had that moment when cooking in the kitchen.  You ask yourself, is this pan cool enough? Do I need my oven mitt?   Many people have taken risk and sometimes get burned.  If there was some kind of temperature gauge on the plates and pans, many people might not take this risk. Some of these items are often much hotter than expected.   

When working with temperature sensitive items in the CS, you need to know when an item is safe to grab.  By using a TempaChek ™ Hotspot, it will visually turn black when an item gets to 120 degrees fahrenheit.  When it cools below 115 degrees, the HotSpot will turn green, letting staff know the item can be handled without the use of heat mitts. 



Matt Smith
Marketing Analyst
Healthmark Industries


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Click here for more information on TempaChek™ HotSpot.
Tip of the Week


When in doubt, use mitts when handling potentially hot items.
Quote of the Week


"It doesn't make a difference what temperature a room is, it's always room temperature." -Steven Wright





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