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Amanda Dupure 
Healthmark Industries 

We Value Your Opinion


When I was teaching, one of the key elements of grading papers and assessing students was feedback.  Without it, students were unable to know why they received the grade they did and how they could improve their scores. Because Healthmark constantly works to improve ourselves, customer feedback plays a significant role.


Feedback comes from many different sources.  If you've made an online purchase recently, you've probably received a follow-up email asking you for your opinion on a particular item or to take a survey on your overall service.  Like most, I tend to delete these emails without a second thought.  However, the powerful information that comes from surveys can help guide a company's success.


Like any company, Healthmark feels feedback is a critical component to our success. Survey results give us a general perception of Healthmark. Results are effectively used as part of a performance management program to improve customer service and product performance.


Because we value your opinion, please take a moment to take our survey on the link below!

Jennifer Hiltz
Sales Coordinator
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Michele DeMeo Tidbit of the Week

Who are you speaking with? Knowing your audience is paramount, even if the answers you seek are the same, your approach in how you obtain the information you need may need to be swift depending on who you are speaking with at the time.

Quote of the Week

"The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have." - Vince Lombardi


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