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Making the Tax Deadline

I'm usually one of those people who files their taxes the last minute. I actually submitted mine earlier than usual this year. I have learned from past experience to organize my paperwork at this time of year so that I wouldn't have to dig through multiple folders and stacks of papers trying to find the appropriate statements.  I'm sure that I have spent more time looking for the paperwork than actually preparing my taxes. I remember thinking to myself, this would have gone much more smoothly if I had labeled everything.

Organization and labeling play large roles not only with your home tax preparations, but also in healthcare facilities. There are a wide range of uses for labeling products such as bar codes, communication and tracking systems.  Whether the staff needs to be alerted about maintenance needs, or communicating between departments that items are clean or biohazard, labels help minimize misunderstandings about tray contents.

It is especially important for device reprocessing departments to use PP-based labels that are suitable for sterilization. Their durability will withstand washing, disinfection and sterilization.

Matt Smith
Marketing Manager

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