About Healthmarket Digest

Healthmark Industries Company, Inc. is pleased to announce Healthmarket Digest, a weekly newsletter featuring industry news, helpful hints and upcoming events.

“Our goal is to provide our subscribers with a quick summary of important news with the convenience to click through for more detail on articles they find interesting,” explains Ralph J. Basile, Vice President of Marketing for Healthmark.

Remarking on the new Digest, Stephen Kovach, Director of Education for Healthmark, observes, “My role as editor of this electronic publication is to make sure the content delivers timely and useful information. This is about helping our customers by keeping them informed about key news and events in our industry, in a newsletter that is focused on their professional needs.”

Putting it all together in a punchy format is Alex Kirk, the newest member to the Healthmark team. “I am a little younger than these guys. I grew up with the Internet and email as my key sources of information. I know from personal experience and professional training, it needs to be easy to read and tightly focused on the vital data. Our readers will spend no more than 1 minute to review an issue – unless they want to.”

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